Editorial Projects
Visual storytellers with backgrounds in photojournalism, videography and graphic design, we were the first to bring immersive storytelling to Ukrainian newsrooms in early 2017.

We did stories in collaboration with Radio Free Liberty and Ukrainian Pravda, and members of our team contributed 360° video to The New York Times and Contrast VR.
For The New York Times, Alexey Furman and Sergiy Polezhaka shot 360° video about Azovets, a nationalist summer camp outside of Kyiv. The camp was created by the soldiers of the Ukrainian Azov volunteer battalion who fought against Russia-backed separatists in the ongoing war. The piece captures a day in camp's life and includes interviews with mentors and children.
Contrast VR
360° video
For Contrast VR, Al Jazeera's new immersive media studio, we shot 360° video in Kachalka, an outdoor gym located on one of Kyiv's beaches. This unique place attracts people with its atmosphere and post-apocalyptic kind of feeling.
The first story we shot as a team was a feature 360° documentary about Roman Kislyak, an IDP from Makiivka that now lives in Lviv. Roman, who has cerebral palsy since childhood, worked as taxi driver in Donetsk. With the beginning of the Russian aggression in Donbass, he became an activist and evacuated people from the embattled region. After a while, he realized his life was in danger, and moved to Lviv, where he began working as a taxi driver again.
Personal Project
360° video
During the whole year the village of Krasnoilsk in Ukraine, close to the Romanian border, is hardly different from other villages in the country. But once a year, on the eve of January 14, the village turns into an open-air festival. This is when the Malanka celebration starts. People dress as Gypsies and Bears and walk the streets singing traditional Romanian songs, and dance to live music or sounds of wooden mace hitting the ground.

Malanka celebration is very special for our team. This was the first event that we captured in 360° video format.

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