Commercial Projects
From 360° video for social media to VR content for brand activations to product demos for B2B sales, we deliver various immersive experiences according to clients needs.

Our key features are intuitive animated infographics and human-centric design in our visual storytelling. In VR we value rational advantages over its emotional wow-effect.
Motorola Ukraine
360° video
Task. To transport client's exhibition «Mobile revolution» to a virtual world.

Solution. We filled the showpieces with life and guide the viewers through the exhibition, expressing the original narrative line intended by the authors. We added some fantasy, so the walls could talk just like paintings in the magical worlds. And, most importantly, we leave viewers with an aftertaste of being personally present at the exhibit.
Task. To present a solar tracker to the public during the World Future Energy Summit (WFES) in Abu-Dhabi in the VR format.

Solution. To produce such a project we used a multi-technique 360° shooting including aerial filming and time-lapse photography. On the postproduction stage we worked intensevely with narrative infographics and were able to show and explain specific factors and details, which differ Array's products among others.
360° video
Task. To create a 360° video about Ukrainian tourist agency Deinde's tour to Buki canyon in Ukraine.

Solution. We shot 360° footage of the trip and enrichened it with graphics highlighting interesting facts about the Buki canyon. Our video helped the client to reach the audience and promote domestic tourism in a new innovative way.
Task: to announce speakers for the Business Wisdom Summit in a fresh and unusual way.

Solution: We recorded interviews with key speakers at their working places, and carefully preserved details of the surrounding environment in the 360° format. Post office, contemporary art center and metal warehouse - these places provide a background for characters and saturate their stories. These announcements got 600% higher reach than other video publications on the event's page on Facebook.
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